How You Can Utilize NEAFP

There are three main ways alpaca farms and retailers utilize our fiber pool:

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Purchase our U.S. Products @ Fiber Pricing

Get the very best pricing (20 to 30% below Wholesale) by contributing your raw alpaca fiber towards the purchase of our finished products.

Utilizing the FiberBank, farms can submit their fiber to NEAFP and get the highest profit per lb of fiber their herd produces by re-selling our products.

We utilize ALL Grades of Alpaca Fiber and require little to no pre-processing before submission!

*FiberBank accepts both Huacaya and Suri Fiber

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Purchase our U.S. Products @ Wholesale

Already utilizing your fiber or not producing enough to support your retail business?

Not a problem!

Alpaca Farms & approved Retailers can purchase our products at Wholesale pricing (no fiber submission required).

Stock your stores with what your customers want, Quality Alpaca Products Made in the USA!

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Sell Your U.S. Alpaca Fiber Outright

NEAFP buys fiber outright from farms. This is a good option for farms who want to get cash for their raw fiber but don't have a retail business and aren't looking to order any finished product.

We will always give the best "bang for your fiber buck" when submitting fiber towards purchasing product but this is a good option for farms who don't want any finished product in return.

*Purchase Program accepts Huacaya Blanket Fiber only


Our Advantages

  • No Membership Fee or Annual Charges to utilize ANY of our services

  • Gain access to 50+ U.S. Made Alpaca Products, utilizing ALL Grades of Fiber

  • Submit your fiber as it comes off the animal, no pre-sorting requirements

  • Regional Fiber Collections across the USA

  • We accept both Huacaya and Suri fiber to be used towards product purchases

  • U.S. Grown, U.S. Made Since 1997

NEAFP has a proven track record of under promising and over delivering. We compete for your business and support every chance we get. We’ve been a part of the burgeoning U.S. Alpaca Fiber Industry for the last 20 years and we look forward to servicing your farm’s needs over the next 20.

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